Friday, July 3, 2009

Sexy divorced cousin

Hi Friends I am vicky from Jammu,here I am going to tell u buddies a real story which happened with me and my cousin Roma,one year before, she is of my age 25, she was married when she was 23, but was divorced just after an year of marriage.she has a nice body with large breasts almost 36d and nice round Ass.I always ogle at her breasts while talking with her, I always was looking for chances to be with her.ofcourse we are good friends and frank to each other,
Once when she was going for an entrance in other city for some Msc.s

My uncle and aunt call me and said that “please go with her for two days”I said ok and we both start our journey when we reach there we hire a room in a hotle ,in night when we sleep I just took her hand in my hand and start talking on different matters,and then I asked her about her marrieage and divorce she got very upset then suddenly I asked her is she missing her hubby ,she said yes I said u was married to him for a year or long aren’t you missing him in nights I mean in other ways she remained silent and didn’t answer me but asked her again then she said yes and said that she was very habitual of sex so she miss her husband too much then I got some courage

I said can I help you out she said how …….i hold her hand tight and pulled her towards me she said hey vick what u r going to do I said nothing and placed a kiss on her lips ,she closed her eyes and I start kissing her wildly on her lips and face and then I put my hand on her breasts she gave a great moan ……….i start undress her then I turn on light of room she said why u turn on light I said I want to see you in light u and ur everything wow man her pussy was coverd with thick balck hairs,then I quickly undress my self and said her to hold my cock in her hand first she hesitate but then she keep it in her hand and start gently rubbing it, I kissed her breasts her large brown encircled tits hmmm they was sooo tasty then she open her legs and I insert my cock in her pussy it was so great experience I was fucking her really hard and she was enjoying we fucked three times during night in different positions, we r still in this game we do whenever we get chance.