Friday, July 3, 2009

Pradeep fucks his cousin Sarika....

Hello friends, my name is pardeep. I am going to share my sexual exp. With my cousin sister sarika .I like her my much.
She lives in some other city about 80 km for mine. During my graduation, there was a holidays for 1 week in our college and I planned to go at my aunt’s home. Both my uncle and aunt are working as teacher in school, my cousin brother is working in mnc and my cousin sister has just completed her graduation so she usually alone at home. I spent my day there with lots of fun and joy.

On second day everybody goes to there work .me and sarika was alone at home. We planned to see some movie at home. Sarika asked me to get any movie from the market and I want to saw the movie murder she said ok no problem and I bought the cd, some cold drink and snacks. When I reached the home sarika asked me to wait for some time because she wants to take a bath. I said ok. I don’t know whether she did that seriously or not She asked me for a towel and her clothes while she was bathing. I took the clothes and towel and knocked the door of bathroom when she opened the door it just shocked me because there was a mirror in the bathroom from which I can see her but I made a quick glance on her boobs it was so exciting for me that I never forget.

After a bath when she entered the room was looking so beautiful with a sexy figure of 36-25-35. Her hairs was very much wet at that time and the water from her hairs falling on her boobs. She sat close to me and asked to start the movie. Because I was somewhat tall than her, I am able to saw her cavity (sweet sexy). there was some excitation started in my penis. I thought if I get a kiss from her than……..

There was lot of sexy scenes in the movie we start some discussion about the movie and it just converted into quarrel .she pinched me and I thought it a good time to touch her. I also pinched her on her arm and it increased to some more extent and while that my penis gets totally hard. And I think she can also saw the change.

I was in big confusion because up to that time I didn’t know her feelings about me. I went to some other room to remove this confusion I went to bathroom and started masturbating. When I returned she asked me “what happened”. And I said now it is ok. She smiled

I said why u smiling. She answered, “I know, what happened in the bathroom”. I again shocked. And asked “what r u saying how could u know wt happened there”.

She said, “I knows everything, but why I tell u ”. Then I again asked her “pls tell me wts u know” she again refused to say anything. I took her hand into my hands and said sarika I love u. and I was again shocked when she answered that “u can say this earlier also”.

I take her in my arms it was a great moment. Her breast touches my chest and my erected penis touches her stomach.
I kissed her on her neck. She said “pardeep u can do anything with me what ever u like to”. I want to saw her nude and my feelings she understood very perfectly. She removes her t-shirt. Oh my god there I saw two big boobs under a white bra. She was looking amazing in bra and jeans. I asked her to remove the jeans and with no time she removed the jeans and all under garments I also did the same we was both nude standing in front of each other. There was lot of hairs on her vagina. I sucked her nipples and she took my penis in her hands and touched with her vagina.

I was feeling like my dream my dream get true. She asked me “can I kiss here (on my penis)”. I said sure all yours. She sucked it like some hungry get food after long time. Then I took her on the bed and we kissed both on full body of each other. She said me that “I don’t want to go further because we don’t have the protection.” I said “ok I leave the next step on next day”. Then we both took a bath together. I sucked her vagina and put my all fingers to her vagina she also enjoyed a lot what I am waiting for the next day when I am able to fuck her. And all it happens


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