Friday, July 3, 2009

Ameerali gets to know his sweet aunt better....

i am very please to tell u all about my real experience with my aunt.iam Ameerali 21year old guy and iam doin my engg.this incident was hapend to me b4 6 months when i went to my hometown(Nagapatinam-Tamilnadu).

i had a semester vacation for 1 month so i went to my home town and having a nice time with my frnds,after 1 week my aunt came to my town from cudalore.i liked her very much since my childhood, she will talk with me casually about all matters so i liked her very much and i also love to talk with her. let me tell abt her ,she is 35 and gave birth to 2 childs and she is sexy(38 34 38) and i liked her boobs very much.she came to my house to stay there for atleast 10 days and to have a nice time with my family and her husband didnt come coz he is having some work.

one day our family members r planned to go to beach,we arranged a car and i sat next to my aunt .we 4 r sitting in the back i got a nice chance to rub her boobs in the rush,she never says a word and i enjoyed the whole ride by rubbing her boobs.and we had a nice time in beach her second child start crying and i asked y he is crying she told me that he got hungry and i have to feed him milk but how could i feed him in the middlie of the beach and i told her dont worry lets go to the car and feed the milk. she nodded and took the child to the car and she also ask me to come and stand there coz she hesitate to go the car lonely.then i followed her she sat in the back seat and start feed her child.and i sat in the front seat and i could see her boobs clearly from the front mirror.

the boobs were lookin very sexy and my dick got erect by seeing this scene,she didnt see me and i control my feelings till she finished feeding.while returning from beach i again rub her the night my mom and dad went to their room and me ,my aunt and her childs were went to another room for to sleep.

in the night i lay beside my aunt and i think how to seduce her .i got an idea and beat the child without making noise and the child starts crying and my aunt woke up and start feed her child and i had an nice view of her boobs and my dick got erect.after finished her feeding aunt again went to sleep .but i thought my aunt will give a stare at my erect dick but she didnt, i simply lay there for half an hour and slowly put my leg on her leg she didnt move and i slowly moved her saree from her leg and still she didnt respond.i moved it further till her thighs and enter my legs in between her legs and i felt her body temperature in my leg.
slowly i put my hand in her hip and slowly moved it towards her boobs.

i slowly unlocked her blouse and kept my hand in her breast and lay like that for 15 mins.and i start to slowly press her boobs she didnt even moan.i got courage and i unhooked her bra and kept my hand in boobs.she gave a slight moan and i got scared and i moved my hand from her boobs and she gave a moan and turn to my side and she slept again.and it gave me close view of her boobs to me and i again moved her saree till her hip ,to my surprise she didnt wear any panty and i got a view of her shaved cunt.then slowly i put my hand in her cunt and i slowly enter my finger in to her and gave a gentle stroke.i went to her cunt and slowly sucked it ,she widened her legs to give me a good view and i start to suck her hardly .now she start to give some moans and i didnt cared abt that moans and to press her boobs.

now she press my head towards her cunt and start saying come on ameer make me gave me full courage and sucked it like a mad dog and she moaned hardly and said come on ameer insert ur dick inn to my cunt .then i insert it in to her cunt and start stroke slowly.her cunt was tight for me and she start moan hardly ,i felt like i was flying in the heaven and i pressed her and frenched her after some strokes she make me lay in the bed and she sat on my lap and insert my dick in to her cunt and start stroking.

we both enjoyed it for a long time and i was almost to come and i told her that i am goin to come then she put my dick in her mouth and start suking it,and i came on her mouth.then we both went to bathroom and cleaned up and v both slept in the bed by hugging each other.then she told me ur disk was very big in size and in diameter,but her hubbys was smaller than urs and he wont last for this much time.from that day onwards we both had sex daily in the night for 15 days continuously.
iam eagerly waiting for her to my hometown again.

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