Friday, July 3, 2009

Abhinav screws his sexy cousin Sarita....

Hi friends, my name is Abhinav, i am 33 years old, living in london now. I am a regular reader of ISS. Today i thought i will share my experience i had with my cousin sister, sarita. She is my maternal aunt's daughter, who used to live in adilabad, Andhra Pradesh. She is of my age, she is 3 months elder to me. We both got introduced to incestsex at a tender age of 18.

To tell u guys about her, she was bit plump woman then, big breasts & big buttocks, which used to turn any guy in my colony.Her statistics were 34D-26-36. A good round belly button, which always used to show as she loved wearing short shirts & skirt at home. Her breasts were well developed since young age, as later i knew that she used to massage a lot, while mastrubating. Sarita' family used to spend all their summer vacations at our house in hyderabad.As other relatives also used to come to our place for their summer vacations. There used to be a big group of young kids at home. Since childhood, sarita use to adore me, as i was the blue eyed boy of the family, more over i was into sports & martial arts since childhood, hence i was quite fit. Till the age of 14 yrs, i was just looking at her as a sister, but one day, while sarita was sweeping the floor, i accidentally stared at her boobs & that changed me completely.

From then on i used to spend more time with her, taking chances to brush my hand on her, just to touch her at odd places. I knew she adored me, but was not aware that she too felt the same about me sexually. I was getting desperate to know whether she felt the same about me or not. So i started to show my advances towards her intentionally, i used to change my clothes in front of her exposing my body to her, & wait for her reaction. Initially i felt that she did not see me in that sense.

One summer day, when we were 17 yrs of age, while all the kids were sitting in a group, sarita was sitting next to me, resting her back on my shoulders & arm, we were talking about our life partners. While nobody were noticing,sarita bent over to me & whispered in my ears that she wants a man like me in her life. By doing so she caught hold of my hand & preseed her boobs on it & rested her head on my shoulder. I saw a smirk on her face & got my answer.

the next day all we kids were playing hide & seek, Then sarita &me hid in a cupboard. As the cupboard was dark & in a corner, nobody bothered to look for us there for good 30 mins. As i wanted to show sarita wat i feel about her, i hugged her & wispered in her ear that even i wanted to hav a wife like her. sarita smiled & bend over me & kissed me on my cheeks. i took this opurtunity as the cupboard was too tight, & put my hands on her breasts & rubbed & i kissed her right on the chin, almost brushing my lips on her lips. She immediately bent down & caught hold of lips with her mouth & kissed me passionately. That was our first kiss. Whiel she put her hand right over omy hand & pressed it over her boobs. We were like that for good 15 mins, kissing each other mouths & licking our tongues & feeling esctacy building in us. But we were a bit scared too of getting caught, so we parted & waited for the oppertunity.

At night, all of us used to sleep on the terrace. To my luck, that night we had a drizzle, so all of us shifted to the house down, but the rain stopped after lil while, so elders decided to move back up, leaving us kids to sleep in the house itself. My mom asked me to lock the front door,

When i came back to sleep, i saw sarita up & smiling at me.. As all the kids were sleeping in one big room, sarita said " i am feeling hot in here, can we move to other room?" which is my room.i said ok & i could see that she was smiling. We slowly got up not waking any other cousin of mine, moved into other room. I had a single bed there.I switch on the night lamp. Sarita, first slept right in the middle & was looking at me with her arms streached. I bent down & kissed her on the lips.. she caught hold of me & pulled me over to her.

i was pressing her completely. I kissed her right over her lips & i licked her face completely, while she spread her legs & locked me in. i was wearing shorts & t shirt, no under wear, & i was hard, sarita could feel my hardness rubbing over her thighs. I was busy kissing her & my hands were caressing her shoulders & arms, i slowly moved them down to her boobs. I whispered in her ear" i always loved to feel ur boobs". Sarita said" they are urs, take it.."

i knealt down between her legs started to unbotton her shirt, she was wearing a bra. The melons were poking out from the sides of the bra, i bend over & i was trying to unhook her bra, which i couldnot, so sarita bent over & unhooked her bra, i pulled the cups down & just stared at the two big boobs. The nipples were pointing hard at me. That was the first time i was seeing such big boobs. i took them in my hands & slowly kneaded them. Sarita moarned" ohh..ahhhhh..mmmm" & said" presss harderrrr... i love when they get pressed harderr."

She said" i always think about u while i am pressing them, when ever i mastrubate".. i got realy turned on then, i immedialtely bent down & took a boob in my mouth, i could take only 1/4 of it, but i sucked real hard at it almost chewing with my teeth, while my other hand was on the right boob sqeezing real hard at the nipples, pinching them.

Sarita moaned loudly " oooooooooooo... abbbbaaaaaaaa .. inkaaaaaaaaa gatttiga pisikuuuu" i was getting horny with all her sounds, i immediatly bend down & pulled my shorts, t shirt off & bend over her & pullled her skirt off her.. sarita lifter her legs & let me remover her skirt, i saw her panty all wet at the cunt..dreanched with her juices, i pulled her legs over my shoulders & smelt her cunt right over her panty.. I got that musky smell which i loved it.i licked her right on the crack & tried to poke my tongue deep on the panty. She moaned more" oooooooooooo...... mmmmmmmm... please eat meeeeee... i am dying to have ur mouth on my pusssy"... i was going wild & i pulled her panty to a side & saw her pussy, it was well trimmed & the cunt area was all shaved off & only a smalll area on top of pussy got the hair.

I smelt tthe musky whiff & saw her cunt oozzing the precum. I licked it & it tasted salty, but i loved it. I dug my mouth deep inside her cunt, i could see the pink lips & the bulging clit. The clit was like a small finger, pointing out, i took it between my teeth & slowly rolled it,, sarita, just could not control it & she came with a bang...she moved her pelvic so fast as if she was fucking my mouth. I could see the cum was ozzzing out & i lapped it all up. I made her lye like that for a lil while, with my mouth right on the pussy, licking the juices off her cunt, & i tried to move my hands over to her boobs.. sarita started to giggle & pushed my had off her tits saying " when ever i cum fully, i feel ticklish right after that ".. so i got up & bent over her & huggeed her real tight. I was looking in her eyes straight & could she her lust for me.

We kised for some time & she slowly moved her hand down to my dick & squeezed it. I roll hr over to me So that i am on the bed & she was lying on top of me. Sarita under stood wat to do & she spread her legs over my dick & pointed it over he rcunt & moved forward, half of my dick went right in, but she was too tight, & i could see a bit of pain in he rface.. i got up & pushed her on the bed & i bent over herstarted lickign her tits.

I bit into her nipples & sucked it hard, i could see that she was getting really turned on, i slowly put my prick on her cunt & glided it inside, it went a bit further than half & i pulled it out for a lil while & pushed it lil more, she was jumping up to reach my thrusts & i moved inside her cunt real fast & fucked her hard, she was screaming loudly," oooooo yesss yess .. inkaaaa gattigaaaaaaa,,hmmmmm ahhhhhh" i had to close her mouth with my mouth becos i was scared she will wake other cousins. i bit her lips while moving inside out fast, even i could feel the buildup fo my own cum in my dick. i was really moving fast inside & i pulled my dick out right at the time i shot my load..

i jerked my dick over her tits & jetted all my cum on her boobs & face, hitting her on the mouth & neck. she licked her lips & tasted my cum, she loved the taste & took all the cum on her face & licked it .. i fell on her & squached her boobs wet with my cum & kissed her mouth. i could taste my own cumm, felt lil wierd but i didnot care then,,.. i was in heaven, fucking my dream girl, my cousin..
We got up, dressed, & sneaked back to room where others were sleeping. Later on we used to fuck each other when ever we could get a chance till the time she got married. We both took an oath that we wont continue after her marraige, but i could not forget her,
How i slept with her, when her husband was sleeping in other room is another story..


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