Friday, July 3, 2009

Roby screws his divorced sister Renu....

Hi Readers, I’m Roby currently in states with my lovely wife Sindhu on work assignments. I didn’t know such a site existed till my 2nd sis introduced to me. That’s another story. Here I share with u my first sex experience with my eldest sis Renu.

My sis Renu was 25 when she was married, she’s 160cm, very fair having lovely looks after my mom. For that matter both my sis were extremely attractive & being from a pious family they wear always clad in traditional Indian clothes except at night they wear nightwear. Rita the 2nd sis was then 23 a yr older than me. Renu had firm buttocks, 34d bust line which made a look very voluptuous for her height. Lovely doe eyes & lush lips. I being the youngest & only son in the family was always the apple of my parents eyes. I’m always mischievous bullying the gals playing ard in the house teasing them. I even accidentally got to see my sisters changing after bath in their undergarments but never lusted over them as I was already fucking Sindhu to my hearts content then she was still my gf.

As fate had it Renu got divorced only a yr after marriage as her husband was found having affair with another girl & never took care of my sister. The marriage soured & she returned to our family. This was when I got my chance. Renu had lost her virginity to her husband during their marriage time. As all divorcee know, being in the bed without a sex partner can be torturing as it was very hard for my sis who had jus been introduced to the pleasure. So she resorted to masturbating at night to fulfill her desires. She was also attending physiological therapy & was on depression pills to keep her off the failed marriage

One night when I returned home late ard 1.30am, I had the usual practice of taking of my top & walking ard in only my shorts. As I walked past my sis Renu rm I heard the radio from within softly but the lights were off. So I thought she was awake I slowly opened the door. In the dark I could see my sis was sound asleep but the radio was jus going on with the midnight melodies. I switched off the radio. As I was going out I saw part of her thighs out of the blanket & her nightie had ridden up to her waist. I slowly had sinful thoughts in my mind. In the night-light her milky white thighs were so inviting. I slowly reached for the blanket & peered in. I found her fingers ard her vagina area & her cream panty was moist in the vee line. She had been masturbating & fallen asleep as such. I placed my nose gently near her pussy and smelt the aroma of her cum. It was heavenly. I had such desire to taste the pussy has I hadn’t had sindhu for days & my cock was hard with the over stored sperm.

Confident that she was well asleep with the pills having effect on her I slowly stripped her panty down. I had uncovered her front & her pussy was visible with lush pubic hair glistening with her cum. Her panty got stuck behind her butt. I tactically lifted her & spread her thighs wide. There it was my elder sisters pussy right infront of my eyes. I was saint to let go of this opportunity. I lightly fingered her pussy & placed my mouth hungrily licking & sucking her pussy. Her pussy tasted heavenly & hungrily ate it up. I just didn’t care if she woke up to stop. She did stir out of her sleep & shocked to find me between her thighs eating her pussy. She tried to push me away but I persistently held on till she cummed in my mouth. She was afraid to make a din as it might wake the others up & humiliate the both of us. After she had calmed down I inserted my fingers in her pussy and reached up to her face. She was crying in shame whispering to let go off her. I told her I’m her brother and I won’t hurt her just let me feel her body. She resisted but I was in no mood of being refused I removed her nightie completely & bra. I kissed on her lovely mounds & caressed her with still fingers entagled in her lovely pussy. I had stripped of my shorts with my cock rubbing against her smooth body ever erected. As I prepared to mount her she desperately kept her thighs closed not allowing me to enter her willingly. I really couldn’t force my way in.

I let go of the idea of fucking her forcefully for the time being. I kissed her & caressed her till she calmed down to a light sob. I pleaded with her lovingly to let me have her still caressing her naked body. She was afraid but I had other thoughts I wanted to try my luck again with either a pussy or her ass. As she was being aroused again with my fiddling between her thighs, sensing her weakened defense I forcefully parted her thighs & mounted her. I had aimed correctly & got her pussy instead of her ass. Lucky me. I was romping her hard, the full length of my shaft in her warm pussy. She was crimp & tight as she hadn’t had sex for awhile & was only accustomed to my bro-in laws cock size. Mine was broader but of shorter length as she had commented later in our experience.

I came delightfully at the thought of successfully fucking my sis as along she cummed too that being her 4th or 5th orgasm of the night I lost count. I caressed & patted her to sleep before returning to my own room. The next morning all things went as usual as we had breakfast as a family & all went off to work. Renu too not exhausted of the previous night went cheerfully to work but avoiding eye contact with me. I felt guilty & made no further visits to her rm at night.

The following weekend my family were to go to the temple for a yearly function. Renu told mum she was not well. So she was left behind. I had earlier left to meet Sindhu but decided to call off our date siting work commitments & returned home knowing Renu will be home alone. I reached home seeing Renu quietly reading a storybook on her bed. She casually asked me if I had taken lunch & y was I back so early. I apologized to her of the incident she told me forget abt it just don’t do it again. As we were chatting I joked I wanted her again with lusty eyes & she teased me I was naughty boy always. I got the feeling the situation was getting ligther & abruptly hugged her & I knew this time she too wanted it. We both were aroused & I got to bed her this time with her consent. But she being elder always was very firm in bed of wat way she wanted. We enjoyed eachother on several occasions till Rita my 2nd sis caught us during the act. But that’s another story..hope u enjoyed thus far..till my nxt posting..happy reading.

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