Friday, July 3, 2009

After Nisha, its time of Rajat's niece...

I am sure you have read my experience with my elder cousin sister Nisha. After that wonderful night, me and Nisha didi kept no boundaries and limits till she got married the next year. I was meeting Shubha didi in the marriage after almost 3 years, she was looking very beautiful and had shades of richness. Her hubby was on big position with a very big firm at Calcutta. Shubha didi had a Daughter Esha now 6 yrs old,very cute little girl, she had features of her mother. Esha immediately became fond of me and till the time they were at Mumbai was always moving around with me and till many years.

Years passed it was almost 10 years now by that time I was 26 years old and got into our family business but still maintaining same health and physique 5’10” now. One day my uncle called me and told me that Shubha didi’s hubby was being transferred to US and hence her hubby had shifted to US she was to join him within a months time, but since Esha could not be taken at US, she will stay with us and since had completed 10th would be completing her college education at Mumbai, Nisha didi and her hubby had been to Calcutta but due to heavy May rush could not get a train ticket for Esha and now I was to get Esha from Calcutta to Mumbai to get her at Mumbai.

A month after, I took a flight to Calcutta, Shubha didi’s driver Abdul a middle-aged person around 48 had come to pick me up at the airport in their Esteem, he had a mehendi dyed small beard, bald and maybe around 5’10”, a typical muslim is a pathan attire, he seemed to be little cunning t me and thought he should be kept away.

I was visiting her House for 1st time, we reached within 20 mins, and theirs was a good independent house in a posh locality. Shubha didi was standing at the door to welcome me, she gave me a big smile and hugged me as I entered. After talking for a while I asked her where Esha, didi told me that she had gone to friends house and would be back any time now, as didi was completing her sentence Esha entered, wow she was looking stunning, almost like Nisha didi but a modern version and taller, with short hair cut up to her shoulders, tight blue jeans and body fitting black colour T shirt, at 18yrs she had a models figure, with perfect stats and height around 5’5”. She came and gave me a light kiss on my cheek and said “my dearest Mama, welcome to Calcutta”, I also kissed her cheek.

Since it was vacation for Esha she told me that she would show me Calcutta, didi gave me Abduls bike and for two days we were roaming all around Calcutta, Esha sitting behind me holding me tight from behind, I could feel her tight boobs pressing against my back, and sometimes her soft hand touching my crotch she used to always brushing her arms, ass or boobs whenever she got a chance, I thought that what a feeling,. In between we booked our train ticket to Mumbai, I deliberately with my friends help, got 1st AC coupe for two of us, in case of emergency??, looking at Eshas approach.

The day Esha and me were to leave for Mumbai, I got a call from my friend at Calcutta and asked me to come to his place in the morning at 11, he had to give some parcel and said we will also have lunch together. At around 10.45, I went to tell Shubha didi in her bedroom, I saw she was standing in front of her dressing table, she was looking stunningly beautiful and sexy in a dark green transparent sari and same colour skimpy blouse, she was spraying perfume on her shaved armpits and neck, could see her heavy boobs, at 36 yrs she was looking very desirable for any man, I envied jijaji’s luck and looking at her felt the bulge inside my undy, however since I had to I said “Shubha didi main dost ko milne ja rahaan hoo”, she turned back and said “are ab tak gaye nahin toom, aur kab loutoge”, I told her that I may return by 3 pm and left her house. As I was riding to my friends place on Abduls bike I was thinking, for whom she was getting decked up for, looking so lovely, maybe I thought she was going to meet her friends or somebody. But then that thought kept haunting me thought something is fishy. I asked my friend that I will just collect the parcel and skip lunch because I had to go out with didi.

I returned at around 12 noon, the main door was open and was surprised no body was there, I started searching for didi, but she could not be located any where. I thought of asking Esha, and went to her room, I saw her sitting on the bed, she was wearing a tight mini and sleeveless top, looking like a sexy model, she was just changing channels, and probably looking disturbed. I went behind her tapped on her shoulders she turned and could see her eyes shining she looked horny. She immediately got up and hugged me tightly and said in a husky voice” Mama good you came, I was waiting for you”, her tempting young body was arousing me. I asked her what’s the matter she said she will show me the matter and took me behind their house. I was confused but started following her, she entered the garage for back door and asked me to be quiet and slowly peep thro’ the gap. Thro’ the gap what I saw was really shocking, I could see Esha also peeping thro’ another gap. It was Abduls room, and Shubha didi was there with him. The site was really weird; a 36 yrs old married lady from a good family in the arms of a low class funny looking driver. I whispered to Esha what should we do “ She with a wicked smile “let’s wait and watch”. I started peeping again, Abdul was sitting on his cot and one end didi was standing in front of him, she was in her white bra and pallu was lying down, Abduls hands caressing and kneading her firm buttocks, and milky open area between her petticoat and bra, she was holding his bald head tightly on her large boobs and moaning. This went for a while and Abdul pulled her sari and petticoat and threw it on the ground. Now didi was only in her bra and panty, she had fantastic buttocks and thighs, Abdul wasted no time, he lifted her and dropped her on his cot, didi laid spread there while Abdul was undressing himself, he now stood only on underwear in front of didi, It was a contrast, a 36 yrs old sexy voluptuous body of my beautiful sister was being had by a funny looking 48 yrs old bald man with a bony body, covered with scanty hair over his body. Abdul sat besides didi and she pulled him on her and started kissing him like mad, he was in the mean while pressing and squeezing her lovely buttocks and boobs. There was now fire inside and outside it was going to start, I could mark Esha, she was getting hot seeing her mom being laid by their driver, standing besides her I was feeling the heat of the body. She came close to me and started rubbing her left side against my body, I now forgot the relation and slid my hand on her ass and started pressing it slowly while peeping thro’.

Inside Abdul had removed her bra and like a like a wild animal started kneading and biting her melons and nipples, didi was enjoying ever moment of it. Now didi started pleading with Abdul to come on her. He immediately obeyed his madam and pulled her panty, and parted didi’s legs inserted a pillow under her buttocks and removed his brown undy and threw it on didis chest, she picked it up and deeply smelt it. Abdul for 5 mins or so rubbed didi’s cunt with his and sensing the wetness mounted on her now Didi was hungrily looking at his shaft and I could see the reason why didi was wanting this man, he had a full 10” shiny black rod with dark purple swell at the beginning. He applied Vaseline on his shaft making it shine and mounted on Shubha didi immediately started inserting his shaft with force and ramming didis fleshy thighs and cunt and their trip to eternity started.

I could feel Eshas long beautiful fingers running over my crotch and she started fondling my bulge. I got up forgetting the relation and age gap pulled my sexy bhanji in my arms, and put my thick and rough lips on her delicate lips and lifted her top and fondling and caressing her back entered my tongue in her luscious mouth and started moving skillfully inside making her hot, her tight pair of boobs were crushed against my chest and could feel the heat of her body. She whispered in my ears “Mama, plz let us go to my room, I want you”.

We went to her room and while going I could see this sexy nymph walking in front of me inviting me to get the most desirable and heavenly experience of my life after Nisha didi.

No sooner we reached the room, Esha sprang over me like a tigress, I removed her top and unhooked her bra, and her pair of sexy boobs with a beauty spot on her right boob were in front of me. She had turned wild and started pulling me over her and in that melee she fell on the bed with me over her. She put my hands over her boobs and said “Mama press hard, bite my nipples”, while crushing and pressing her left boob I started licking her right boobs from her beauty spot, put my lips on her nipples and sucking and nibbling them she said I should come over her as she had already an orgasm while watching her mom and Abdul. My hands slid thro’ her mini on her fleshy and firm thighs and after caressing all over her thighs, I unhooked her mini skirt and slid it down, she hurriedly kicked her skirt away and put my hands on her cunt, I could feel it from outside little hairy and wet. She started pulling her panty down and putting my hand inside. I slid her panty down threw it on the bed and stood up to remove my clothes, within no time I was naked in front of her, my 9” shaft standing in an envious.

Esha with stretched eyes pulled me over her and started kissing and licking my penis and balls all over. I lied besides her in 69 positions and spreading her slender legs apart slowly nibbling and licking her fleshy sexy thighs approached her most sensitive and juicy part, her beautiful and magnificent cunt. Getting hot and wild I started licking her cunt lips and while doing that I was mercilessly pressing her shapely ass sometime putting my fingers in her asshole. In the meanwhile Esha had taken my long erect penis in her mouth and like a hungry child started sucking it as if she was sucking and licking a lollypop. Cunt juices were flowing freely out of her virgin cunt, while drinking the juices I entered my experienced tongue in her vagina and started finger fucking her, from below Esha was fondling my balls and sucking it hard, I had reached the peak and could also hear Eshas moans and murmurs, I started shaking my penis in her luscious mouth and she was shaking her pelvis on my tongue. Our speed had increased and I knew that we are going to cum very soon. As we put around 8-10 strokes I exploded in her mouth and the cum oozed out from my penis and filled her tender mouth, she gave a long shriek and screamed so loudly that if didi would been there she would have come running, but she was busy fucking her obnoxious driver.

We lay on the bed licking, caressing and fondling each other for a long while. After say 15-20 mins. Esha suggested we go to the bathroom and take bath, I thought it was a brilliant idea and entered the bathroom it was a big bath room with a grand tub and showers, mirrors all over, we stood in the tub and Esha opened the showers, the warm sprinkling showers water was splashing our bodies, I pulled her in my arms and started kissing her, we kissed for about 5 mins and started applying shower gel on each others naked bodies. Wow what a feeling it was I started rubbing the foam over her neck, shoulders, boobs and her hips; she was responding the same but concentrating mostly on my penis. I asked her why are you applying foam mostly on my penis she giggled and said “It is my property from today and will take care of it for a long time.

We were in the bath room for about ½ an hour, and Esha started getting hot, my penis was also erect once again, she said “Mama, lets go to the bed again, carry me there in your arms”. I gently lifted her and came out and put her on the bed, I decided to have sex with my bhanji sexy and beautiful with magnificent cleavages and curves stretched in front of me on her own soft bed, inviting me to enter her body. I reached my jeans and pulled out a packet of condoms (I had in anticiapation carried it for getting into Shubha didi, but then it were being used on her horny daughter)

I lied besides her and started caressing her entire body. Esha was getting hot that she pulled me on her and started biting my lips and put my hands between her thighs.(I felt not waste any time now that if Shubha didi comes it will be a problem) I parted her thighs and gently started licking her thighs and massaging her broad buttocks. As I entered my tongue into her pussy I became a little harsher on her boobs and buttocks. Juices started flowing from her clit and while drinking them I knew she was ready. I started eating her wonderful pussy nibbling it and licking her juices which were oozing out of her cunt. Esha had turned very hot again started biting my ear and whispering “Mama make fast, I can’t stand, put your penis inside my cunt. I slipped 2 condoms over my shaft and started rubbing my 9” armored cock on her tight pussy. Esha started pulling me impatiently I asked to cool down and slowly started inserting my shaft in her cunt. After I inserted it half way she started moaning and also crying in pain, “Mama its paining, do something, I can’t stand it” and whispered in her ears “ My dear bhanji it may hurt in the beginning, but then you will get the heavens pleasure.” I made no hurry and left it for few minutes in the same position, slowly pumping her cunt, nibbling her nipples and pressing her tight boobs. Suddenly, I could feel wetness between her thighs, put my hands down and touched it, it was literally soggy, I saw my hands it was red and wet, I showed it to her licked it and said ”Esha darling I have broken your seal, and now will take you to the seventh heaven” , she smiled and pulled me and gave a deep kiss and started moving her tongue in my mouth and started pushing from below. I knew that the pains and aching was over, I asked her “are you ready my dear, can I start”, she huskily replied “Yes my dearest Mama, put your strong warrior and ride in till it reaches my throat “.

Getting her signal, I started pumping and increasing my speed My strokes started growing and Esha started moaning louder than before not bothered that she is in her house and that her Mama 10 years older Mama was having her teenage bhanji and broken her virginity. “ Fast, Mama fast, come hard press my boobs hard, bite them” I could feel that her cunt walls were clinching my stiff 9” shaft and that she is getting her orgasm. I went for the final shot and within 8-10 strokes exploded in the condom.

We were panting very hard, and could hear our heart beats, while cuddling her asked “why Esha, how was the gift from your dearest Mama” she gave a naughty smile and said that Nisha Aunty when at Calcutta one month ago had told her about the heavenly experience with me and since then she is waiting for me to come. She said “ Mama I am now all yours and you should take care of me totally” I promised her that I shall always be with her and keep her happy mentally and physically whenever she wanted. We got up and started getting ready for our wonderful 32 hrs journey to Mumbai in a coupe, for only two of us.


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