Friday, July 3, 2009

Nishant gets a chance to sleep with his sister....

i am presenting the real story of my life iam nishant belongs to the south indian family this is the real story happened on while iam studying myMBBS entrance examinations and my sister was doing medicine at that time our father is doctor and he is interested that we both be doctors . iam 23 years and my sister is 28 years she was 5 years elder that me she is reddish white and good physique and her breasts good enough to look and she is gergous to look . iam preparing for my medical entrance examinations my father advised me to take the help of my sister . my sister having a seperate room and myself having seperate room because of my examination preparation i should have to spent in her room at nights even at 1 o clock some times but i never developed any feelings towards her i have forgotten to tell her name as her name is rekha .

after that i have started even to sleep inher room on floor along with her by keeping distance from her. one night i usually slept and got awake at exactly 2 o clock and bed lamp is litting well unexpectdly i turn of my face and watched my sister as she was in sound sleep i wat ched her breast s and her whole body was shevering with breathing as i have been watching so lustfully i dont know why my dick was errected with out doing anything i watched her for an hour . she dont know any thing about it the next day she told me some important lessons at night and when she was close to me while she was teaching i got deep sexual feeling towards her which i cant resist howevwer i controled my self at last we slept at 12 o clock and with out sleeping as i confirmed that she was sleeping i started to saw her breasts those are shevering with her breath i got compleate nerveous and tension i never got such situation and iam in compleate thrill i slowly staarted to touch her on breasts with my fingure she was not awake i dared to touch her beautiful boobs with my finger and slowly moving my fingure and pressing her .

she was not awake and i did it some time and slpt thinking that she may awake at any time the next i observed her may she doesnt know any thing. the day after i got a little bit courage and again we slept at night 11 o cloclk and again i tryed to touch her there was no response from her i put my whole hand on breasts and started tickling her after some time i got enough courage and i started pressing her boobs slowly she shaked little bit and slowly mouned immediately i took off my hand for some time and again i kept my hand on her breasts and again she mouned and i takeoff my hand after that she awake and take a glass of water and lying a little bit distance from me again slowly i went nearer tyo her i traced that she was not sleeping but i got confidence that she dont tell this to any body i darely put my hand on her breasts now this time she dont resis me and started enjoying it i got enough dare and started to press them slowly again squeez them getly she was not resisted and enjoying it and her body was on fire with passion after some time i slowly removed my pant and now iam in under ware and i never stopped to pree them i am very close to her besides her she was besides me infront of me and her back portion is towards floor and iam also same posaition after some time my lust beacame unlimited i startted to remove her pallu as she wore langa oni with out giving enough strain for me she removed her bra and and jacket and gave her two boobs to my hand and i started to squeex them passionately

and i put my hand between her thighs immediately she reacted and nervously said dont doit dont do it under work i lifted my hand compromisingly and laid on her without unbaring under again i started sueezing her her boobs she became passionate and got good mood and slowly push me besides and her and then removed herr blue colour pany with her hands and lifted her petty coat upto her thighs . slowly put that pany besides her and i asked her to lay on her again i laid on her and her hiary cunt was under my dick slowly i removed my underware and she with her hands put my cock and inserted in her hairy cunt and i asked me hit slowly when ian entering into her she was saying that slowly iam moving and she saying fast i hit very fastly as she and i ejaculated at one time she went to the bath room and cleaned her self my self cleaned and she pleaded me dont tell it to any one aftyer that whenever i got the chance i fucked my beautiful sister without any hesitation


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