Friday, July 3, 2009

I married my daughter

I wanted to write to you because I felt the desire to share my experiences and to tell the world how my daughter became my wife.

I was only nineteen when Bharathi was born. Her mother and I studied together in a result-oriented school at Park Road, Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai, but we were surprised when she became pregnant. It was a difficult pregnancy, and unfortunately, Bharathi’s mother died during childbirth, leaving me to raise our daughter alone. It wasn't easy, but it kept Bharathi and me very close through the years. She was my darling girl and I was the only man in her life.

By the time Bharathi reached eighteen, I noted quite a few things about her. First she had become a very beautiful and very sexy woman. Bharathi looked like her mother in all respects except in the dress of Paavaadai and Thaavani from Chennai Silks. On more than one occasion, Bharathi caught me staring at her perky tits and her full, round ass. She never said anything about it, though. Second, I noticed that she never really had any boyfriends to make her mobile phone busy, nor receiving filthy sms messages. She always seemed to prefer hanging out with me, saying that boys her own age weren't mature enough. That suited me just fine because it allowed me to be closer to her than ever before. Her nineteenth birthday was a turning point for the both of us. I took her out to a cozy little restaurant for dinner far away from our home to Neelangarai seabeach. It was dark, and the atmosphere made things very romantic. We didn't say much, mostly just kept glancing at each other. When dinner was over, we drove home in silence.

We got to the house and I gave her the pattu pavadai and thavani from Pothy’s, T.Nagar, and the special birthday cake I'd made for her. After we'd each had a piece, she thanked me and said she was going to get undressed and get ready for bed. She went to her room and I went to mine. I took off my clothes and put on my silk dhothi unusually. I waited about another fifteen minutes and I went to her room. Bharathi was sitting in front of the mirror, wearing only her Paavadai and Thaavani. I walked over to her, took her hairbrush and began gently brushing her hair. My heart was racing a thousand miles an hour, and I could hear Bharathi's rapid breathing. I put the brush down and, as I sat down behind her and began massaging her shoulders, Bharathi let out a slight moan and told me that I was doing a good job. She continued moaning while I rubbed her shoulders and she placed her hand on my knee. God, that sent a jolt of electricity through me that went straight to my cock.
I got bolder and started sliding my hands farther down her front while I started kissing her neck.

I let my hand wander inside her silk blouse and I began to massage Bharathi's left breast. I could feel her excitement increase as I found a hard nipple and began playing with it. At that point, Bharathi took my hand, and sat me down on the bed. Bharathi stood before me and opened her blouse to reveal her naked body to me. She bent over and we kissed. We kissed not as father and daughter, but as lovers do, with our tongues wrapping around each other. She broke our kiss and moved my lips down to her hard nipples. She began moaning more loudly as I licked and nibbled on each of her nipples. I brought my hand up and, for the first time, I felt my daughter's very wet pussy. Feeling my desires overcome me, I licked slowly down Bharathi's belly until I felt her pubic hair against my lips. I placed my hands on Bharathi's ass cheeks and began licking and sucking on her pussy and clitoris. Bharathi began screaming, "Oh, Daddy," over and over, as I brought her to two intense orgasms. Sometimes she was spelling my name” Hi , Ajeeth, you are taking to me to heaven, I love you Ajeeth”. After she came, she kissed me full on the lips, tasting her pussy juices on my tongue. She opened my robe to reveal my rock-hard cock sticking straight up and drooling massive amounts of pre-cum. My daughter took my cock in her hand as she knelt in front of me. In one motion, she began stroking my cock and took it into her mouth. Her rapid stroking and sucking caused me come in less than two minutes. With a massive shudder, I began to shoot load after load of hot cum into her mouth, which Bharathi readily swallowed.

The evening didn't end there. Before the night was over, I had taken my daughter's virginity, fucked her in the ass, and introduced her to other kinkier things. After our first night was over, and before we went to sleep, however, I wanted to give my daughter one surprise gift on her birthday. I went to my dressing mirror and retrieved a thirumangalyam or thaali in Tamil that I had hidden inside, waiting for that auspicious occasion. I walked over to Bharathi and, still naked, knelt in front of her and tied the mangal sutra in her neck. Bharathi put her forehead on my feet and wept a little and said that she will be ever my wife as well as my daughter and lover; three roles to play in her life. Tears welled up in her eyes when she was seeing my face eagerly with lot of lust. She felt very much that her mother was not there to see her daughter’s marriage.

Two weeks later we flew down from Chennai to Mumbai by IC-972, where we got our marriage registered after a formal marriage ceremony at Chemubur Murugan Temple. Our honey moon was at Mumbai. We spent our time at Mahalaxmi Mandir, Hanging gardens, and Marine Drive. Bharathi was always lying on my lap not leaving a space in between us. Her head was always resting on my cock. We've since moved to New Vasi in our own apartments to keep our privacy from our relatives at Mathunga and Chembur. No one knows that we are father and daughter but only young husband and his pretty wife. We hope to enjoy our life to share our great love in father daughter turned husband and wife family.
That was a history, over eight years ago. Nowadays Bharathi calls me in orumai as Aththan, Nee, Vaa, Po, only. My daughter and I are now leading a very good married life, and we now have three children. We have two girls and one boy, and we hope that someday they will know the absolute joys of father-daughter couples. There's nothing better in Indian life. We may not return to Valasaravakkam, Chennai, but will settle in Mumbai only.


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