Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vijay will do anything for a little cleavage....

My name is vijay,i am 20 years old, i am a super freak doing my engg. in bangalore. i have read most of the stories in and i believe some of them may be true, but many are practically impossible.

I am telling u about my true experiences with my aunt manjula. i stayed in my aunts house when i was doing my I PUC and II PUC. my aunt manjula is a average looking woman ,very slim and with small boobs(she wears bra -whose size is 80 cms). while at home she always wears sarees and blouses that completely covers her boobs. she may be around 35 years of age.
one day she sent me to buy kerosene, when i returned to home with kerosene she said that she would transfer some of the contents into another can , she told me to hold the can and while transferring the content she bent over, at this moment i was able to catch a glimpse of her cleavage. this was the first time in my life i saw any womans live cleavage. this turns my cock on and even today thinking of that i masturbate almost daily.

After my puc i left my aunts house. when i was doing my first year B.E MY aunt was thinking of shifting their house. she stayed in my house for some 3 weeks alomg with her husband and children. during her stay many times her pallu used to fall off but never i was able to even little cleavage of hers.

I always used to fantasize about her small breasts. one day she wore a new blouse, i also think she wore a new bra,her new black blouse was slightly transperent,she used to teach her son in my study room, on that occasion while teaching her son she had bent for something and thanks to god i entered the room at the same moment, i got a chance to see her deep cleavage what i thought i would never be able to watch for some 5 seconds, i got an immediate erection and went to the bathroom to masturbate.

Then some other day while teaching her children her pallu had moved away slightly and i was able to see the line formed by the groove between her breasts,she saw me watching her boobs and immediately covered her pallu,she imagined what was in my mind and whenever i got a chance to see the side view of her blouse ,she used to cover it.

One day while cleaning the utensils, she had lifted her saree to about 10 inches above the knee and i was able to watch her thighs and i thought of raping her but i could not do that in reality. when she stayed in my house i used to go to the bathroom and wear her bra and panties and masturbate.after this she shifted from my house.

I think i am the most unlucky man in this universe. i pray to god daily that he gives me a chance to see the nude assets of my aunt even if he does not give me a chace of fucking her.


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